Sparking your Child’s Curiosity

Curiosity is an essential driver of early cognitive and emotional development in children. It instills a thirst for knowledge and has a lasting effect on a person’s character and tastes. Because of that, it’s important for children to develop their curiosity in a conducive environment, and with the help of supportive influences.

But how exactly can that be done? Here are a few ways you can spark your child’s curiosity naturally and effectively through Montessori methods.

Create an experiential learning environment

 Children in the first plane of development, or birth to age 6, are in a stage where they want to experience things for themselves. Typically, this is when children want to dress themselves, brush their own teeth, etc.

According to Dr. Maria Montessori, “Our work is not to teach, but to help the absorbent mind in its work of development.” In other words, experiential learning helps children learn more about the world around them.

When your child wants to figure something out, assist them in learning how they can do it by themselves. Create a structure to reach their learning goals and allow them the freedom to act as individuals.

Model Curiosity

Children learn initially by observing the world, and the people in it. Every action and reaction you make creates an impact in your child’s development.

So, when something new or interesting comes up, investigate it further with them. If you don’t know the answer to something, let your child help you figure it out. Be curious, and let your child be involved in the process.

Don’t be afraid of questions

It is crucial to a child’s healthy development that they feel safe to ask any kind of question, and feel confident in their ability to find the answers. Answer as many questions as your child may have, and ask your child open-ended questions to stimulate their reasoning skills.

A different dilemma every day

 Find ways to keep your child’s curiosity active every day at least once. Whether it be an experiment from online sources, or a book about strange new topics, make an effort to discover what interests your child. Additionally, find materials that go into more depth about what your child is curious about

Ultimately, the process for developing a child’s curiosity is just as unique as the child itself. Pay attention to what your child is receptive to, and follow their lead.


Sparking Curiosity at Silverline Montessori

Silverline Montessori is devoted to the growth and development of each child’s full potential. Through our enriching programs, our students learn to follow their curiosity freely in a respectful, peaceful environment.