Program Goals

  • Help parents and infants in the separation process
  • Encourage a spirit of co-nurturing between teachers and parents through daily communication
  • Allow children to freely experience their bodies through movement and exploration of their environment
  • Model respect, gentleness and caring
  • Support the development of the senses of touch and vision
  • Support children’s understanding of cause and effect relationships

Follow the Child

As a Montessori school, we don’t follow a structured curriculum. Instead, we observe the children and use their interests and level of ability as a guide, allowing children to do what they are ready and willing to do. We reinforce their self-initiated activities by paying full attention while being quietly available.

The infant program starts with a phasing-in process to support the bond between you and your child. Throughout the program, we interact with each child, offering conversation and manipulative materials at receptive moments. As your child progresses from sitting to crawling to walking, from bottles to feeding themselves, we are there to encourage and assist them every step of the way.

Ages: 6 weeks to 18 months (Silverlake) | 12 to 18 months (Shadow Creek Ranch) | 6 weeks to 18 months (Towne Lake Cypress)

Size: up to 10 students per class (Silverlake) | Up to 12 students per class (Shadow Creek Ranch)

Ratio: 1:4

The Infant Room

Babies need an interesting and safe place to rest, explore and develop their abilities. We provide a physical space that meets the child’s sensitive periods for language, movement, and order. We also provide an atmosphere of peace and respect. It allows infants to freely explore and learn, by being:

  • Physically safe
  • Appropriately stimulating
  • Cognitively challenging
  • Emotionally nurturing