Academic Hours

8 am – 3 pm


Babies need an interesting and safe place to rest, explore and develop their abilities. We provide a physical space that meets the child’s sensitive periods for language, movement, and order. We also provide an atmosphere of peace and respect. It allows infants to freely explore and learn, by being independent.


Toddler learning is based on practical life activities and the use of authentic Montessori materials. Our nurturing, unhurried environment follows the natural rhythm of the child. The toddler can explore and experience at his own social, physical and cognitive level in an outdoor and indoor environment.


In our primary classrooms, our school environment is dedicated to nurturing a child’s inherent curiosity by enabling children to explore and discover. Our classrooms and materials are designed to stimulate the child’s senses as well as to respond to the primary child’s need for order within the world.


The elementary schedule is designed with large blocks of uninterrupted time to facilitate the interdisciplinary connections of knowledge. The elementary classroom reflects the child’s work to order their world with reason. We foster an atmosphere of trust and acceptance in the classroom, which lets the children’s natural creativity flourish.