The Montessori Method – Learning in Unique, Inspiring Environments

Within the Montessori classroom environment, spaces are kept uncluttered and divided into different sections for various activities. With an emphasis on personal choice and individual learning styles, children have many options to explore.

A child might choose to sit for a time in a quiet space devoted to peace and reflection, or curl up in the classroom’s library on a soft floor cushion. He or she might investigate the Language Arts or Math areas for a lesson on vocabulary words or counting.

What you won’t find in a Montessori classroom are rows of desks. The Montessori philosophy is that children thrive in warm and inviting learning environments.  In a Montessori environment, you will find:

  • Uncluttered spaces with soft colors and natural lighting.
  • Materials arranged on open shelves so children can access them easily.
  • A mix of quiet corners and group-like settings.
  • Rooms filled with rugs, flowers, and comfortable furniture.
  • Students working at tables built to their height or on colorful mats on the floor.
  • Walls covered with framed photographs or posters from the local museum, as well as students’ artwork rather than cartoon characters or movie stars.

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