Silverline Montessori – Shadow Creek Summer Camp
For Ages 3 Years – 10 Years

Summer Camp 2020

The summer program at Silverline Montessori School – Shadow Creek is 11 weeks of fun and learning for students who have a wide range of interests. Browse our schedule of programs here to reserve your child’s spot today!

We offer full day camps for children from 6 weeks old to 10 years old in arts, humanities, sciences, and more! Our camp is from 6:00 AM until 6:30 PM for full day.

Camp Schedules

Full Day

6:00 AM – 6:30 PM

11 Exciting Sessions

Week 1:6/3 – 6/7
Week 2:6/10 – 6/14
Week 3:6/17 – 6/21
Week 4:6/24 – 6/28
Week 5:7/1 – 7/5
Week 6:7/8 – 7/12
Week 7:7/15 – 7/19
Week 8:7/22 – 7/26
Week 9:7/29 – 8/2
Week 10:8/5 – 8/9

Infant, Toddler, and Pre-K Themes

Week 1: Welcome to Summer Camp!

Kick off the first week of summer here at Silverline. Enjoy getting to know fellow campers and staff. Play games and start camp off with fun summer activities. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Week 2: Play Ball

All about sports. Learn how to play soccer, basketball, kickball and much more. Learn the basics of sports and how to be a good team player. You can even learn about a famous athlete or two!

Weeks 3: Fairy Tales

Explore the world of fairy tales during camp. Go on a hunt for Snow White’s slipper, eat yummy apple treats and make delicious gingerbread houses.

Weeks 4: Safari

Go on a safari and explore the African savanna right here from Silverline. Learn all about African wildlife through virtual safaris, lessons and crafts.

Weeks 5: Dinosaurs

Jump back to the Mesozoic Era and learn about these fantastic creatures. Children will explore dinosaurs big and small through fun and exciting lessons.

Week 6: Aloha

Welcome to Hawaii, learn all about our 50th state. This week children will learn about the volcanos, humpback whales, Pele the Goddess of Fire, shaved ice and even how to speak Hawaiian.

Week 7: Pirates

Argggh! Let’s get hooked on pirates. Learn what it takes to be a pirate. Children will engage with hands on lessons and crafts to explore the world of pirates.

Week 8: Rainforest

Children will swing into the dense jungle world by exploring the layers of the rainforest and the creatures that inhabit it. Children will navigate through the layers by crafts, books and virtual field trips.

Week 9: Circus

Do you have what it takes to join the Silverline Circus? Find out this week of camp through fun circus games. Learn about what it takes to be part of the circus.

Week 10: Grossology

Campers will discover grossly amazing experiments. Projects will focus on blood, bones, guts and body bits. Children will have hands on experiments to learn more about the human body and animals too.

Week 11: Goodbye Summer

Let’s end summer with a bang! Students will recap the summer with the best of the best. Our end of the summer party with a live DJ is always a hit.

Kindergarten and Elementary Themes

Week 1: Welcome to Summer Camp!

Kick off Summer Camp with activities to get to know one and another better.

Week 2: Back to the Future

Travel through time learning everything from the dinosaurs, to the Knights at the Round Table, to Ancient Egypt. Explore things from the past and present and take a glimpse into the future.

Week 3: Elementary Musical

Come on and show us what you got! Dance, sing and act your way through this week of camp. Students will get to write and produce their own puppet show. The week will end with a talent showcase.

Week 4: Sports Challenge

Let’s get in some healthy competition. On your mark, get set, go! We will teach the students the importance of physical activity, good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Week 5: All Things Pop Culture

Learn about different fads and trends through everything pop culture. Learn about all things current and things of the past including the dance crazes, catch phrases, toys, fashion, action hero’s, comics, video games, and cartoon characters. At the end of the week pick your favorite or maybe even start a new trend.

Week 6: Folk Tales, Urban Myths & Other Mysteries

Search for answers on some of the world’s most mystifying tales, myths and marvels. Learn about legend of Bigfoot to the Aurora Borealis to the Bermuda Triangle to Stonehenge. Take time to research, learn, and come up with theories on how this things are possible.

Week 7: Grassology

Campers will discover grossly amazing experiments. Projects will focus on blood, bones, guts and body bits. Children will have hands on experiments to learn more about the human body and animals too.

Week 8: Abstract Artist

Students will enjoy exploring the the world of art through drawing, painting, sculpting and photography. Throughout the week children will be taught different art mediums and by the end will be able to produce their own incredible masterpiece.

Week 9: Greek Mythology

Come learn about the Greek gods, goddesses and heroes of the Ancient Greeks. Children will learn about famous Greek figures like Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo and Aphrodite. They will engage in ancient Olympic games also.

Week 10: Nailed It

Is your child a Little Chef? If so this is the week for them. During this week campers will have hands on cooking experience. Friday will end with a little competition to see who has what it takes.

Week 11: Goodbye Summer

Let’s end summer with a bang! Students will recap the summer with the best of the best. Our end of the summer party with a live DJ is always a hit.

Primary STEM Camp Themes

Weeks 2, 3 and 4: I Wanna Be… An Explorer!

Onward ho!! Let’s travel the globe and explore unique sites to learn about the many wonders our planet holds. Campers journey deep into the earth to witness how volcanoes formed islands, dive to the deepest depths of the ocean to discover how tectonic plates formed the Mariana trench, and swing along treetops of a rainforest to explore this amazing biome! From recreating cave art to building motorized tornado spinners, this camp offers exciting hands-on projects that reinforce the scientific topics of the day. Just like past explorers such as Magellan and Sacagawea, our little adventurers take bold steps to make their very own worldly discoveries.

Additional Topics Include: Oceanography, Cartography, Layers of the Earth, Rock Cycle, Tectonic Plates, Volcanoes, Water Cycle, Weather

Weeks 5, 6 and 7: I Wanna Be… A Detective!

Calling all mini-sleuths! Pull out your oversized magnifying glasses and join us as we solve some epic mysteries! In this camp kids explore how science is the key to great detective work! Using a combination of the principles of physics, chemistry, and biology, campers employ critical thinking techniques to help them crack new cases every day. In search of that hidden clue? Build yourself a UV flashlight! Need to spy on those behind you? Break out your rearview mirror eyeglasses! Curiosity and logic lead the way as we collect evidence, investigate, and problem solve – all in the name of science. Sherlock Holmes would be proud!

Additional Topics Include: Magnetism, Optics, Ciphers, Magnification, Image Distortion, Phosphorescence, Prisms, Refraction, Fingerprints

Weeks 8, 9 and 10: I Wanna Be… A Zookeeper!

Welcome to The Launch Zoo! Follow in the footsteps of a zookeeper as we visit extraordinary animals and discover the science behind what makes them special. By simulating a stroll through the grounds at the fictitious Launch Zoo, campers tour exhibits ranging from butterflies to bears. It’s feeding time! Let’s head over to the Savanna exhibit and learn about the carnivorous lion, herbivorous giraffe, and omnivorous ostrich. Wondering about locomotion!? Let’s investigate how snakes slither, lemurs leap, and falcons fly. Questions about camouflage!? Let’s create a take-home model of a color-changing chameleon! Each day we examine animals that reveal unique and extreme adaptations. Kids begin to understand how the environment can shape a species’ appearance and diet, all while raising awareness of the importance of conservation efforts worldwide

Additional Topics Include: Classifying Animals, Habitats, Predator vs. Prey, Echolocation, Life Cycle, Metamorphosis, Nocturnal vs. Diurnal, Night Vision

Elementary STEM Camp Themes

Weeks 2, 3 and 4: Potent Potions + Fizzing Formulas

Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble! Launch’s junior scientists explore the magic of the molecular world of chemistry in this exciting camp that’s full of actions and reactions! Mystifying topics such as phosphorescence, oxidation, and chromatography are unmasked as we reveal the science through projects such as potion vials, magic wands, and foamy explosions. Kids are mesmerized by the colorful fizzing formulas that make up the world around us, forcing them to ask the question: is it magic, or is it science?

Additional Topics Include: Polymers, Elements, Chemical Reactions, Rate of Reaction, Hydrophobic vs. Hydrophilic, pH, Chemistry of Color, Crystallization

Weeks 5, 6 and 7: Rocket Science: Destination Mars

Join our flight crew as we blast off to Mars! This exciting camp delves into orbital rockets and how they are fueling our quest to explore other worlds. Mission preparation begins by building miniature launch vehicles and conducting experiments to examine the science behind space travel. Next, we countdown to launch and learn all about the long trip to Mars and its effect on humans. The journey continues with a touchdown on the red planet where we establish a colony, build a rover, and orbit a satellite to explore the Martian landscape. From the basics of Newton’s Laws to solid and liquid propellants, campers learn what it takes to be real rocket scientists! It’s sure to be an experience that’s out of this world!

Additional Topics Include: Trajectory, Rocket Structure, Aerodynamics, Newton’s Laws, Rocket Fuel, Orbital Mechanics, Escape Velocity, Future of Space Exploration

Weeks 8, 9 and 10: Remarkable Robots + Marvelous Machines

R2-D2, WALL-E, Transformers… We all remember those futuristic machines. However, robots are no longer confined to fictional worlds! From self-driving cars to robotic roller coasters, campers learn about sophisticated machines that are here today tackling complex tasks – with amazing speed and precision. At this Launch camp kids study the fundamentals of engineering and technology necessary to create amazing contraptions, and then construct simplified models of their own to reinforce the principles learned. From projects such as Motorized Airplane Launchers and Battle Bots to programmable LEGO WeDo structures, kids at Launch are immersed in a world of remarkable robots and marvelous machines.

Additional Topics Include: Industrial Robots, Autonomy, Control Systems, Motors, Sensors, Programming, Circuitry